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Looking to Lose Weight in the New Year? Making Exercise an Essential Component

It seems like everyone is looking to either lose weight or to just get in shape this time of year. After January 1, most Americans are working hard to try and live up to the resolutions they made, which often include weight loss. While these are noble goals, they are often misguided a bit, in that many folks look for quick and easy solutions to these problems, rather than identifying changes that can lead to long-term success. This often happens when someone tried a fad diet, or just a quick way to lose weight. While they may be satisfied in the short term, the results rarely last, and in most cases the lost weight is usually packed on again. So how can you lose weight, get in shape, and make a permanent thing? For me, the best way to accomplish this has been through learning the right foods to eat, AND making exercise an important part of my daily routine. I have always been able to find excuses to not workout – I didn’t have the time with my busy schedule, gym memberships were too expensive, or I just didn’t feel like it. Well, I decided to change that mindset when I purchased a Max Trainer from Bowflex last year. This was a huge step for me, as I had really never invested much in fitness equipment and the model I chose cost almost $1500. But, it was time to do something when it came to my fitness. As someone in their mid-30s, my cholesterol numbers and blood pressure had been inching up every year, and a lot of this could be attributed to my overall lack of exercise. I was reminded of this – not so subtly – every time I had a doctor’s appointment, and finally decided to do something about when I had a blood panel that revealed my health was going nowhere but down if I didn’t do something about it.

See the Max Trainer in action:

The Max Trainer is great because it is small and compact, can fit in the corner of small room or office, and you only need to use it for 14 minutes per day to see results. I was able to fit mine in my office, so I really have no excuse to not use it every day! I typically get a 30-minute workout in – 14 minutes of Max Training, and another 15-20 minutes of weight lifting. If you can’t get 30 minutes of exercise in at some point during your day, then you really don’t have many excuses left! Of course, the Max Trainer isn’t the only way to get a cardio workout in – it is just what has worked for me. There are plenty of other weight lifting options as well, so just shop around a bit if you’re looking for something that you can use it home or in your office. Or, you could just sign up for your local gym too. The bottom line is this: Just make sure you make a commitment to long-term health improvements if you really want your New Year’s resolution to be meaningful and worthwhile! Flex Master Treadmill Guide Making Your New Year’s Resolution Stick

Looking for health and fitness tips? Read through the section to discover them

Health is the metabolic and functional efficiency of living organism. It is also the ability of individuals to adapt to physical, mental and social changes. In fact, it is the state of complete mental, physical and social well being and does not only refer to a disease free state. If you are looking for valuable tips on improving overall wellbeing, you can read up the following section.

Stay away from sweets and curb your sweet tooth

Do you get a late night craving for sweets? You should think of fruits first if you wish to satisfy your sweet tooth. This will ensure that you do not push yourself to the calorie edge. So, it is easier to resist that chocolate cake when you enjoy the slice of apple with a tablespoon of nut butter. Prefer fig halves with ricotta instead of anything sweet.

Finding the best workout and fitness friend

For keeping motivated, it is a great idea to have a fitness friend. It is crucial to choose the right friend who tends to inspire you. Prepare the list of friends who love to exercise and those who are fitness freaks. Your friend must be supportive to assist you all through the workout.

Healthy foods to lose weight

While there are too many foods that are good for your health, but certain food items can make weight loss much easier. Some of the items are diet friendly like balsamic vinegar, fat free yogurt and in-shell nuts. Greek yogurt, in particular, can help in the reduction of weight.


Cold bath to relieve the aching muscles

If the muscle aches just after the workout, you should consider yourself soaking in the cold bath. Throw some ice cubes into the water and just soak yourself. This can also help reduce the soreness just after the training session. An athlete is supposed to get 1-2 massages per month.


Apart from this, when you exercise, listen to some good music. Listening to music is a great way to boost motivation levels. Besides the above mentioned tips, there can be several other tips to stay healthy. When it comes to accomplishing fitness goals, you need to stay focused all the time.


Buy comfortable sneakers

You should never buy the shoes that hurt you. The sneaker you buy for the workout must have enough room in it and should be comfortable and breathable. This makes it easier to exercise.


What are the benefits of having good health?

It is rightly proclaimed that health is wealth and thus it is important to inculcate healthy habits like eating well, sleeping well, exercising regularly, avoiding tobacco and harmful substances. If your habits are healthy, you will benefit your physical, mental and emotional state.

Thus, you will feel good as the overall wellbeing is improved. But then, it is difficult to develop good habits as one needs to change the mindset altogether. There are various benefits of following healthy practices.

Eating healthy controls weight

Are you looking to lose weight and ugly body flab? Eating right and in appropriate quantity, exercising regularly can help reduce weight. At least, it will keep a check over your weight. By consuming fewer calories, you will also feel more energetic and reach the weight loss goals at a swifter pace. Apart from weight loss, eating healthy can also strengthen your cardiovascular health, enhance the circulatory system and reduce the blood sugar level.

 After you finish up eating, go for a brisk walk which continues for half an hour. This will help in digestion and prevent unnecessary accumulation of fat in the body.

Balanced diet

Always consume a calorie managed and balanced diet to stay healthy. This can also help you control the weight. Start your day with a healthy breakfast to stay energetic all throughout the day. Proper breakfast also keeps you full throughout the day and also saves you from hunger pangs.


Stay healthy to improve your mood

Doing right things by using your body will also benefit your mental health. Physical activity will promote the production of good hormone, endorphins. The brain chemical will leave you feeling much happier. Try and consume a healthy diet and exercise on a regular basis to enjoy a better physique. Your stress level will reduce and cognitive functioning will also improve.

Healthy habits combat disease

Develop healthy habits in order to combat diseases, health conditions like stroke, diabetes and high blood pressure. By taking care of yourself, you can keep the cholesterol and sugar level in check. Thus, the blood circulation takes place smoothly to boost the cardiovascular health.

The need for scheduling physical exam

If you want to stay healthy, you should try and visit the physician for physical examination. Your doctor monitors your weight, sugar level, blood pressure and heart beat. This kind of appointment can reveal a lot about your physical state.

Consuming unhealthy food can make you feel lethargic. Thus, it is important to stick to balanced diet only.

The vitamin rich eggs

Eggs are rich sources of vitamins A and lutein. It can protect one from night blindness while promoting the eye functioning.

Whole grains to save from macular degeneration

 To reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration, you can consume whole grains. They are very healthy for the eyes. Eating healthy is good for the eyes and for the entire body. Whole grains are rich in zinc, vitamin E and niacin. It improves the eye sight while delivering crystal clear vision.

Citrus fruits are good for the eyesight

Citrus fruits like grapefruits, oranges and lemons, berries are great for the eyes. Loaded with Vitamin C, the consumption of citrus fruits is sure to reduce the risk of macular degeneration and cataract.

Consuming nuts

Omega 3 is good for the eyesight as already stated before. Nuts like walnuts, almonds and pistachios must be consumed on a regular basis to boost the eyesight.

Among all the organs of the body, eyes are most vital. Try and incorporate green veggies, nuts and citrus fruits to improve your eyesight.

Looking to boost your eye health? Some eye foods cannot be avoided

Good eye health commences from eating healthy. You may be wondering whether or not you are eating foods that are good for the eyes. Eye nutrition is something more than simply eating carrots. To make sure you eat food which is good for crystal clear vision, you should follow the section below. In fact, certain foods and habits can save you from eye-threatening diseases.

Fish: protects you from dry eyes

If you suffer from dryness in the eyes or eyes reddening, you can consume fishes like tuna, sardines and salmon. Incorporate foods that are rich in Omega 3 as it safeguards your eyes.


This can save you from macular degeneration, cataract and dry eye. If you are a vegetarian and cannot consume seafood, you may opt for Omega 3 supplement.